VICTOR SRL is a medium-sized company with a factory in Cislago near Varese.

We are specialized in production and marketing of bearing parts (rollers – needlerollers). We perform, at specific order, production of pieces with dimensions, materials and tolerance based on drawing.

Are available particular executions as ZB and logarithmic profile and also range of sorts on specific request.
Sophisticated processing technology, highly dedicated staff and supplier companies, personnel training, continuous inspection and documentation of the process ensure consistent high production quality and performance.

The continuous monitoring of manufacturing process guarantees that our products will meet your standards.

With a modern technology and serious quality control we are able to satisfy all customer’s requirements. We also arrange a modern management store, well stocked, able to satisfy rapidly all your necessity with competitive prices and when you need, with suitable certification.

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Via Maestri del Lavoro 218 - 228
21040 Cislago (VA) - Italy

Tel. (+39) 02 Fax (+39) 02
info@victorsrl.com - www.victorsrl.com

C.F.: 00110000031 – P.IVA: IT 09825250153
R.E.A n.301984 - C.S. € 46.800 i.v.

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